Changing paradigm in Africa

Our philosophy

When someone dreams, it is only a dream. But if many people dream together, it is the beginning of a new reality.

F. Hundertwasser

DJOUMAN's ambition is to be among the leading actors of sustainable development in Africa.

But what meaning do we give to this somewhat catch-all concept of sustainable development?

At DJOUMAN, we see sustainable development as the ability of human beings, individually and collectively, to satisfy their real fundamental needs through activities, approaches and models that respect the environment, nature, biodiversity... and other humans.

In particular, in the case of Africa, sustainable development can only be based on the free and informed choice of local populations for their models of life, interactions with others and relationship with nature, that allow them to achieve autonomy: food, energy, economic ...

In sustainable development, there is this idea of " here " and " now ": doing with what we have locally without disturbing the balance of nature, sober and efficient using resources. But there are also the notions of " elsewhere" and of desirable " future" : basically, we must do everything possible so that our actions today do not harm life elsewhere, and even less so life tomorrow.

At DJOUMAN, we dream of a future anchored in this sustainable development. Moreover, DJOUMAN is an Akan word (ethnic group from the south of the Ivory Coast) which means " Work".

The heart of DJOUMAN is to work to make this desireable future a reality, today, in Africa.


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