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June 29, 2017

Oolux: an innovative solar solution for access to electricity

According to UN estimates, 1.3 billion people do not have access to electricity and are forced to use polluting, unhealthy and very expensive energy sources to […]
June 23, 2017

Social businesses that make Africa move

Every year, in June, over 50 newspapers from the world publish a series of articles on local initiatives that address global issues. This movement, known as […]
June 2, 2017

Sustainable Development Week

This week from 30 May to 5 June is the European week of sustainable development. At a time when the United States is withdrawing from the […]
May 12, 2017

Solarlife: Cooking is going clean

Every year, more than 600,000 Africans die from air pollution caused by the use of wood or charcoal for cooking. Faced with this situation, the Cameroonian […]
March 29, 2017

VeganBottle: Vegetable “plastic” to save the oceans

Every year, at least eight million tons of plastic waste are dumped into the seas and oceans. They end up as microparticles, which are often ingested […]
March 28, 2017

Get in the Ring: the contest that pitches start-ups in a ring

Djouman was a partner of the “Get In The Ring” event held in Abidjan on Wednesday 15 February 2017. Get In The Ring is an event that […]
March 21, 2017

Access to clean water: Africa at the forefront

Every year, on 22 March, the world celebrates World Water Day. It is always an opportunity for the international community to take stock of the various […]
February 23, 2017

Eco-villages: symbol of the Senegalese green revolution

With the fight against climate change, an ecological revolution is taking place in Africa. We see this in Senegal, a pioneer in the implementation of eco-villages, […]
February 14, 2017

WapiMED: Africa’s Health at Reach!

In Sub-Saharan Africa, finding a doctor or health specialist is often a very long and complicated operation. In the era of digitalization, the start-up WapiMED has […]
February 7, 2017

Isahit: Online Jobs for Africans

Unemployment is hitting African youth hard. With nearly 10 million young people entering the labor force each year, the trend is not about to reverse. However, […]
January 27, 2017

Save Our Agriculture: Sustainable agriculture to conquer African cities

Food supply is a real issue in many cities in sub-Saharan Africa. This is due to the almost non-existence of infrastructure and efficient means of transport, […]
December 1, 2016

COP22: the outcome for Africa

COP22 ended on Friday, November 18 in the evening in Marrakech, after a dozen days of negotiations. All participating countries showed unity in the need to […]
November 24, 2016

LIFI-LED: and the high-speed Internet by light was…

With an estimated population of over 1 billion people, Africa is the second most populous continent in the world. And if we believe the number of […]
November 10, 2016

Is Africa at stake at COP22?

From 7 November until 18 November, the 22nd edition of the Conference of the Parties on Climate (COP22) in Marrakech. Focusing on measures implementing the Paris […]
October 28, 2016

COLIBA: plastic waste collection and environmental protection

In Côte d’Ivoire, the company COLIBA is trying to revalorize plastic waste using web and mobile support. Through a platform, users have access to their mobile […]
October 24, 2016

Niger: Remote controlled irrigation via mobile phone

Africa does not lack water, it has significant natural resources. On the other hand, the continent uses only 7% of its potential in terms of hydraulic […]
October 24, 2016

The fate of coffee in the wake of climate challenges

28th September is World Coffee day, celebrated mainly in Canada, United States or in Malaysia, but also in Africa and Ethiopia. Global coffee consumption is estimated […]
October 19, 2016

Travel diaries in Cote d’Ivoire

Our CEO has traveled across Côte d’Ivoire to meet our partners and new entrepreneurs to talk to those people who are moving the lines: environmental protection, […]
October 13, 2016

Green Label: Ivorian savings, green and sustainable?

Created in 2010, the Ivorian company Green Label intends to use reforestation to effectively combat deforestation, one of the major causes of climate change in African […]
September 30, 2016

Is Africa heading for the fight against Climate Change?

Ethiopia, Eritrea, South Sudan, Chad, the Central African Republic, Nigeria and Sierra Leone are among the 10 countries most affected by climate change. However, Africa is […]
September 30, 2016

Environmental protection in Africa – A major challenge…

The 2nd edition of the international Colloquium on Environmental Rights in Africa was held from 25th to 27th July 2016 in Marrakech (Morroco). The event brought […]
September 30, 2016

The Pure Water Tech: Cutting edge technology for H20 in Africa.

In Africa, as in the rest of the world, water is an important need, essential to all sectors of the economy (agriculture, energy production, industry…). Africa […]
September 22, 2016

Will the smart city of the future be African?

After everyday objects (telephones, cars, household appliances), it is the turn of cities to be smart. Smart city or connected city  combines innovation, technology and sustainable […]
September 13, 2016

Samuel Nguiffo, Cameroonian Environmentalist

The process for changing environmental practices at the legal level is sometimes slow and laborious in Europe as well as in America, Asia and Africa where […]
September 13, 2016

Bio Phyto, an organic farming in Benin

    Bio phyto is a social enterprise based in Benin which was certified for its organic fertilizer and pesticide in June 2016. The business received […]
September 9, 2016

Africa’s digital transformation goes through mobile phone…

In Africa, the number of people connected is increasing. Not necessarily via broadband Internet, but via mobile telephony. U a spectacular rise: in 2017, it is […]
July 13, 2016

Africa, natural land for the blue economy…

Economic model developed by Belgian industrialist Günter Pauli, working for solutions zero pollution However, the blue economy is a perfectly adequate concept for the African continent […]
July 7, 2016

Plastic bags: symbol of the circular economy in Africa?

Upcycling is a concept, or rather a process, of converting any waste or material into a valuable object. The phenomenon is growing, especially in Africa where […]
June 28, 2016

SENS for the creation of solidarity businesses in Benin

The SENS Benin cooperative supports the development of solidarity-based businesses in Benin by supporting activities with high socio-economic impacts in Africa.     SENS Benin is […]
June 18, 2016

World Environment Day in Africa

The World Environment day is celebrated on the 5th of June each year. A time chosen by the United Nations to encourage awareness as well as […]
June 18, 2016

United Nations Assembly on the Environment

The United Nations summit on the Environment was held from 23rd to 27th May in Nairobi, Kenya, headquarters of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP). In […]
June 15, 2016

Preserving the forest in Casamance, Senegal

International institutions, NGOs and States are making efforts to fight against the depletion of the global forest area as part of reforestation initiatives and protection regulations […]
May 30, 2016

Making Italy African

A few days ago in Rome the first Ministerial Conference Italy – Africa took place (on 18 May 2016). In addition to the discussions on counter-terrorism, […]
May 21, 2016

Green industrialization in Africa within reach

The African continent is confronted by two key issues in its bid to achieve sustainable development: on one hand, to industrialize in order to strengthen its […]
May 12, 2016

Power:On brings electricity to isolated villages in Benin

The issue of rural electrification is one of the key upcoming developments on the African continent with respect to energy. For now, public authorities seem far […]
November 23, 2015

Open innovation: a success factor in Africa

Africa suffers from an endemic disease that burdens companies that want to expand there: too many imported products that have difficulty seducing local populations. Open innovation […]